Note: This is an archive of some of our travels from 1995-2001. It is intact - pretty much as it was written at the time, so please excuse any odd references or out of date information.

At times, our life seems to be one grand adventure after another.  First, we packed up and moved to Europe for two years, and then after two brief years back in the good old USA we moved on to the Caribbean. Now, after almost 3 years in Barbados we are living in Dublin, Ireland. And of course, we have had other "little" adventures along the way.  There is so much we want to share with our family and friends, but maybe it's best just to start at the beginning ...

Bonnie On the Augspitse Our story: One day as we were walking along the beach in South Florida, we decided, "We need a new adventure". So, we quit our jobs, sold our house, packed our bags, loaded up our dog and moved to Germany. Our time there was certainly "interesting". Sometimes it was a blast, other times it was frustrating trying to deal with the language and cultural barriers that exist there (See Don't Be Surprised).

Click on any of the links below to read about some of the incredible places that we enjoyed visiting during the time we spent in Europe. 


Germany     France    Belgium     Luxembourg

We returned to the United States after Living in Europe for approximately 18 months, and managed to stay settled in Atalnta for about two years.  For those who didn't have a chance to visit us in the deep South and get a personal tour of our home, you can take the virtual tour by clicking on the Atlanta link.

All who know us were not at all surprised by our decision to leave Atlanta for our three year adventure in BarbadosBonnie is working for an off-shore reinsurance company and we have committed to a three-year stay.  Living in the Caribbean is nothing short of paradise, and we certainly find that the life style suits us well.  The links below display photo galleries of Barbados, as well as other Caribbean islands which we have had the opportunity to visit. 

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As we said earlier, we have taken a few "side trips" from the path of our adventure.  In November of 1999, we traveled to Singapore and Bangkok.  This was our first trip to Asia, and could even be the beginning of our next adventure ... Stay Tuned!! :-)   In more recent adventures, we went to Belize over Easter, 2000.  Click on any of the links below to learn more about our travels.

Singapore       Thailand   


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This site is dedicated to our grandparents, Carl and Catherine Wilson, in commemoration of their 60th wedding anniversary on July 30, 2000.  We propose a cyber toast to you ...

     Thank you for a lifetime of wonderful memories;
     Thank you for the values you have instilled in us, and for
          teaching us all what a family really is, and;
     Most of all, no matter where we all may stray,
         thank you for always providing a place to come "home" to.

We love you and were so happy that we could all be together to celebrate this incredible event.  Congratulations!!

See More Anniversary Photos

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