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Day trips to the Grenadines are readily available from Barbados, so we decided to spend our "Millenium" anniversary by visiting this chain of islands.  We left Barbados at 8:00 in the morning aboard an 8-seater prop plane.  The journey took about one hour to complete, and we touched down on Union Island, and disembarked to the smallest airport we have ever seen!

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St. Vincent and the Grenadines are a 60-mile chain of islands, situated due west of Barbados.  St. Vincent is by far the largest island, but it is the remaining 30+ islands that offer some of the most alluring yachting and island-hopping destinations in the world.  The beaches and the sea are the "typical" Caribbean throughout the chain - these are definitely the vistas that travel brochures are made of!

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Upon our arrival at Union Island, our party of seven people was transported to a harbor area where we boarded a 46-ft. catamaran for a day of sailing.  The seas were quite choppy, but luckily I had taken a motion sickness tablet.  After sailing for about an hour, we anchored off the island of Mayreau.  Mark and I swam from the boat to shore, and walked along the beach at Saltwhistle Bay.   From there, we sailed southeast to the Tobago Cays, a group of four miniature uninhabited islands, and again swam to shore.  We walked to the other side of the Island (the Island is only about 100 yards across!), to some great snorkeling.  We really enjoyed this part of the trip.  Our final stop was Palm Island, a privately leased island, with an American-style resort.  Back at Union Island once more, we boarded our plane for the return journey to Barbados, having enjoyed a fabulous anniversary day!

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