Belgium, best known in America for CHOCOLATE and LACE.......Which is definitely enough to make Bonnie's heart race....

Brugge Belgium Our first trip in Belgium was to the city of Brugge, a very pretty canalled city, just a few miles from the North Sea. Brugges is an excellent example of what can happen to a city when it is spared the ravages of war. Every thing in this city is ancient and perfectly preserved. The city manages to maintain its charm by mandating that the original architectural style be maintained when restoring or rebuilding. Hailed as one of the most romantic cities in Europe, Brugge is a mixture of meandering canals and narrow cobblestone streets. It is also home to Belgium's oldest Gothic town hall (built in the late 1300's).

Church of Our Lady Spire

Pictured at the right is a familiar Brugge landmark, the 396 ft. spire of the Church of our Lady. Among its treasures is the Madonna and Child, a marble sculpture by Michelangelo. Other sights to see in Brugge include the Halles Belfry, a tower reached by a mere 366 step climb. From the top, the panoramic views include the North Sea and the Grote Markt. Another popular sight is the Basilica of the Holy Blood, repository since 1149 of a fragment of cloth reputed to be soaked with the blood of Christ.

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