Bonnie and MarkAtlanta

A recent photo of us, which was taken in December of 1998.  I think we are starting to age!!

  Photo By Our Friend Donna Burchfield

This picture of our Atlanta home was taken about the time we moved in, (note the dead grass etc.) , the grass looked  much better after a couple of growing seasons and we also added trees and landscaping. 
The house has 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, (one with a Jacuzzi tub), a formal living room and dining room, and a family room with fireplace.

A more recent straight on shot of the front of the house.

A closer view of the front. The entrance foyer contains a vaulted ceiling about 20 feet high with a chandelier that hangs down to the level of the arched window.

This is the entrance foyer looking from the formal living room.

Looking from the living room into the dining room through the columns.

A view of the kitchen from the family room. At the far right of the picture, a slight area of the dining room is visible.

Looking back from the dining room into the living room.

To the right as you enter the front door, is the living room. Over head is a 20 foot high ceiling.

Looking into the family room from the edge of the kitchen. The windows on the right look out onto a small wooden deck - there is a door to the deck just off the right side of the picture.

A look from the other side of the house, taken just after we put in the 2 small trees and landscape island.

A closer look at the kitchen.

A partial look at the master bath and Jacuzzi tub taken before we moved in (hence, no window coverings).

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